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Explore Ocean Conservation Through Art with 'Sea the Reef

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A Lele Art Lab Public Art Program, "Sea the Reef: Teen Artists for Oceans,” is a youth arts enrichment initiative which brings the wonders of ocean science and environmental arts to underserved teenagers and families across Miami-Dade and Broward County. 

Our goal is to make these enriching experiences easily accessible, fostering a deeper connection to coastal blue spaces while nurturing the artistic talents of our youth.

Additionally, we are proud to offer career-connected mentorship, providing invaluable guidance from professionals in both the arts and environmental science fields, ensuring that teens gain not only artistic skills but also a clear path to potential future STEM careers. 

A science identity through the arts

Students create purpose-driven, environmental, public, educational artworks to inspire both peers and community to engage in better care of the blue planet.

    Click below to start exploring our program’s unique story. 

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