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Sea the Reef - Innovative after-school youth program

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Calling all young change-makers!

Sea the Reef is an after-school youth program with an emphasis on marine science connection via art, technology and ocean science. A series of marine-ecology lessons and coral-sculpting workshops, turning youth into environmental artists. 

Soil to Sea Via Art, Urban Farming & Science 

Sea the Reef After School Teen Program

Students will cast silicone molds of different coral specimens, create artist statements and design 3D-printed corals. Resulting in a public art installation model of coral reef to share with the community. 

  • A graduation ceremony will invite the public to visit the space and celebrate the efforts of our teen environmental artists.
  • Teen participants are all awarded explorer tools, outdoor gear and invited to use design studio equipment towards building their own art portfolio. 




Designed to converge art, science, and technology in an accessible way. In addition to providing resources for our educator networks to support art-making, climate justice, and community-building. 

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