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4.0’s 2022 Tiny Fellows - Pilot Program

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Thanks to 4PT Tiny Fellowship we were able to take our pop up art lab on the road! Learners became young artists, developed as positive change-makers, and found their personal connection to the blue planet.

We could not have done it without the support of the 4PT community. Thank you to all the educators who shared their learning spaces with us! 

Art Lab Explorer\

Mobile Push Powered Art Lab

△ pop out tables, custom handle bar made out of wood
△ counter flip top and easy to roll

A mobile street art cart designed to be a traveling art lab. Created from scratch and up-cycled parts. It’s push-powered, earth friendly and with plenty of storage. Most importantly made with zero plastic. It has two built-in collapsible tables and an open countertop for storage. 

Mobile Marine Science Art Lab

We reached out to our beloved community and magic happened. Check out our creative adventures, pilot video.

kids coral art lab

Special thank you to my coach, Alex. Leading an amazing learning center for the DC community. In conjunction, to the awesome insights offered by Justin, who introduced the logic model template, that furthered my vision. 

I'm happy to now be a 4.0 alum and join their community of nearly 2,000+ alumni. I'm excited about what's next. 

 Thank you to all the educators who shared their learning spaces with us! 

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