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Our Mission

The Challenge

We unite art, science, and design education to reimagine environmental education. Empowering youth to shape the climate future they desire and not merely adapt to change but design it.

The Solution

 We connect scientific knowledge with youth led climate action through design challenges, community engagement art, public installations, and innovative pop-up events featuring our mobile, push-powered art lab.


A place and space in science.

Leveraging the power of art to train, inspire, and empower youth to transform science knowledge into environmental action.  

We solve the loss of science learning, making it less complex, more inclusive and ever more engaging via project-based, art, design, and science discovery programs.  


 The mobilization of youth to take tangible real-world action.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a diverse generation of environmentally conscious youth armed with creative insights and the scientific knowledge to drive positive change for a greener, cleaner planet.