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Our Story

Together for the Planet: Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future  

Lele Art Lab brings together art, science, and design education to reimagine environmental learning. We create a space where creativity, imagination, and learner-led curiosity flourish. Learners get to explore nature, engage with blue spaces, acquire knowledge of sustainable practices, and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of caring for both the natural environment and their community.

Students, become explorers, makers and doers - who transform science knowledge into environmental action.

Environmental Education Program for K-12


We innovate the way youth learn about the blue planet.

Ocean trash turns into art and the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) adds to our scientific method. 

Learners have the opportunity to participate in the climate conversation through design challenges. They can share climate-era solutions through visual art, storytelling, and socially-engaged art projects that foster connections, creativity, and communication for the benefit of our ocean.

Submissions become integral to a growing collection of student work that contributes to diversifying the methods we use to raise awareness about our changing planet, inspire protection for our oceans, and envision a brighter future.

Our program is designed by a National Geographic Certified Educator, who redesigned a utility cart. Built-in collapsible tables and created a mobile, solar-powered, art cart.  The impact is clear: in a recent pilot program, there was an increase in ocean exploration by 25%.

Environmental Maker Labs

STEAM: Arts, Environmental Education and Science Integration

We seamlessly incorporate art and environmental consciousness into the STEM framework. Through our design-based learning approach, we infuse science education with creativity, hands-on making, and a sense of purpose.

Students foster novel science knowledge, skills, and values as they become aware, deepen their understanding, and experiment with ideas through the process of making.

Learners embark on a journey of exploration, experimentation, and innovation through engaging in design challenges. Throughout the program, students acquire:

  • Confidence in their ability to make, invent, create, and provide solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Insight into how science and design influence society, communities, and the natural world.
  • Discovery of how natural forms, processes, and systems can inspire creativity when designing sustainable innovations.
  • An understanding of how art, science, and design collectively impact both society and the natural environment.
  • Exciting outdoor excursions that allow them to observe nature, interact with blue spaces, and explore potential careers in ocean science.


Environmental Maker Labs

Our maker labs are designed to empower young minds as champions of the environment and catalysts for change.

They serve as excellent hubs for fostering creativity, collaborative problem-solving, digital skills, and entrepreneurial spirit, all harmoniously coexisting in one inspirational setting. We offer a diverse selection of maker labs that cater to a wide range of skill levels and accommodate various learning preferences.

The award-winning arts-based environmental curriculum is tailored to provide schools and learning spaces with a host of valuable benefits, including: 

  • Cultivating Student Understanding: We actively involve students in hands-on exploration, fostering a deeper connection with the natural environment.
  • Tailored Maker Labs: We offer a diverse range of customized "maker labs" designed to meet the unique instructional needs of various learning spaces. Our adaptable approach allows teachers to align our labs with their specific curricular requirements.
  • Empowering Agents of Change: Our educational initiatives are action-oriented, empowering learners to become catalysts for positive change within their communities.
  • Nurturing Self-Expression and Environmental Appreciation: Our maker labs promote self-expression, enabling students to explore their creativity and innovative thinking while cultivating a genuine appreciation for the environment.

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