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Our Story

Together for the Planet: Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future  

Welcome to Lele Art Lab, an innovative program at the intersection of art and environmental education, specialized in maker labs. 

We integrate art, design and technology tools into science education, fostering creativity, imagination, and learner-led exploration.

Within our maker labs, we create a dynamic platform that elevates science identity, challenges stereotypes, and bridges academic content with real-world challenges.

Learners connect with nature, engage with blue spaces, learn sustainable practices, and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of caring for both the natural environment and their community. 

As a result learners, become explorers, makers and doers - who transform science knowledge into environmental action.

Environmental Education Program for K-12


Innovating the way youth learn about the blue planet.

Ocean trash turns into art and the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) adds to our scientific method. 

Learners get to build and engage in the climate conversation via design challenges. Sharing climate-era solutions - through visual art, storytelling and temporary art installations - that connect, create, and communicate for our ocean. 

Submissions become part of a growing collection of student work that is helping to diversify the the way we raise awareness of the changing planet, inspire protection for our oceans, and reimagine a better future.

Our program is designed by a National Geographic Certified Educator, who redesigned a utility cart. Built-in collapsible tables and created a mobile, push-powered, art cart.  What she once tested in her backyard, with local playgroups for her son - today, disrupts the traditional STEM learning model and delivers impact where it’s done. Connect with our founder, here.

Environmental Maker Labs

STEAM: Arts, Environmental Education and Science Integration

We integrate art and environmental awareness into the STEM framework. Via our design-based learning approach, we infuse science education with creativity, making and purpose. 

Students cultivate new science knowledge, skills and values derived from becoming aware, developing understanding, and testing ideas through making. 

Learners embark on a journey of exploration, experimentation, and innovation via design challenges. During the program, students learn and experience:

  • Confidence in making, inventing, creating, and offering solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Understand how science and design impact society, our communities and the natural world. 
  • Uncover how natural forms, processes, and systems can ignite creativity in designing sustainable innovations.
  • How art, science and design impact society and the natural environment.
  • Exciting outdoor excursions to observe nature, interact with blue spaces and explore careers in ocean science. 

We work closely with schools and community centers to help harness the power of the arts and science to educate, inspire, and activate younger generations.

Environmental Maker Labs

Our maker labs are designed for young minds to become environmental champions and change-makers.

The perfect incubators for creativity, collaborative problem-solving, digital competence, and entrepreneurship, all united in one inspiring space. We offer a curriculum of maker labs catering to different skill levels and interests.

The award-winning arts-based environmental curriculum is tailored to provide schools and learning spaces with a host of valuable benefits, including:

  • Cultivating Student Understanding: We engage students in hands-on exploration, fostering a deeper connection with the natural environment. 
  • Tailored Maker Labs: We offer a wide range of custom "maker labs" designed to meet the specific instructional needs of diverse learning spaces. Our flexible approach ensures that teachers can align our labs with their curricular requirements.
  • Empowering Agents of Change: Our educational initiatives are action-based, empowering learners to become agents of positive change within their communities. 
  • Fostering Self-Expression and Love for the Environment: Our maker labs encourage self-expression, enabling students to explore their creativity and innovative thinking while nurturing an appreciation for the environment.

For more information reach out for a discovery call, here.