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Innovative Art Show: Celebrating Youth as Environmental Artists

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Join us for an extraordinary art exhibition that combines the creativity of youth with the urgent message of environmental consciousness. 

Inviting the South Florida community to celebrate the work of teen environmental artists, final Art Show and experience a series of fun activities.

Be part of a live art-advocacy project put on by our students and the unveiling of their "Coral Play House". Students and families are encouraged to attend, meet our environmental teen artists, learn about their creative journey and enjoy a morning of our activities.

Our innovative art show is set to captivate audiences with its inspiring and thought-provoking "Coral Playhouse" pushing the boundaries of both art and activism. 


Schedule of Events


9:00AM - 10:30AM Community Coral Sculpting Workshop: A coral sculpting session with earth clay led by our environmental teen artists and Lele Art Lab

10:30AM: Coral Site Aerial Drone Photography: Join us for a remarkable event that will celebrate the importance of coral conservation and create a breathtaking aerial drone image that will leave a lasting impact. We will be capturing the magic of our community made - coral reef site from above. You'll have the opportunity to marvel at the collective beauty we've created together and take home your 3D coral sculptures.

11:00AM: CORAL PLAYHOUSE Art Installation: Unveiling of the "reef play house" made and assembled by our environmental teen artists to celebrate coral conservation. Our coral sites are vital ecosystems, supporting a diverse array of marine life and playing a crucial role in maintaining the health of our oceans. The interactive play house invites you to "SEA THE REEF"

Join us for a powerful art experience that captivates all ages and teaches environmental conservation and sustainability.

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