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Recycled Art Challenge

Posted by LeLe Sims on

When Save the Manatee Club put out a call for manatee inspired art, I knew we had to participate. What made it an even better challenge was the fact the materials had to be "found objects." 

There was not much planning involved as far as materials since all we had to do was sort through the plastic we had picked up on our beach walk. We then prep it. Washed, scrubbed and rinsed.

Our little artist was excited to search through the many bottle caps to find the right one to use. I figured from all the random pieces we had, some sort of theme would come up. The best hidden piece from our two pound trash bag was a piece of standard barricade tape. It was long enough to read the letters CAU, short for the word "CAUTION." 

Here is our piece, we were super excited when we got done and we placed 2nd in the overall contest! 

Save the Manatee Contest Project

We hope this will be the start of many more marine debris projects. Hopefully, you can find ways to get creative with recycled goods. Sharing couple of shots from our project below, thanks for reading!

Recycled pieces

All marine debris was washed, scrubbed, and left in soapy water for 24hrs.

 Clean up the marine debris

Setting out our pieces, construction paper, rough outline, and a good amount of glue.

Working with loose parts

Always a plus when you let kids discover. They often gravitate to colors they themselves recognize in nature.

Plastic gate found in ocean

Marine Debris from North Ocean Park, FL.

Lots of pieces to work with

You'd be surprised by the #processart fun that comes from #upcycling.

Second place winner  

 Learn more about The Save the Manatee Club  

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