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Colorful Cloud Art

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Ever seen those cool-looking rainbow clouds? If you live in South Florida, you probably have. The crystal like colors beaming from behind the puffy white clouds is incredible. It's like watching cotton candy hues spread across the sky. 

I recently learned it is called, cloud iridescence. According to NOAA colors come through the layers of thin clouds and since they are charged with water droplets, the sun's ray give it that rainbow color.

We hope to learn more about the science behind it, but for now we wanted to recreate it with watercolor magic. Give it a try, you will be surprised by how much your little one will enjoy it!

Colorful Cloud Art

Cloud Art

Time: 20 minutes Ages: Toddlers + Difficulty: Easy 


Supply List

  • Mat Board (best to work with cardstock)
  • Water Colors (using food coloring can do the trick)
  • Paint brush
  • Small piece of a tree branch/stick
  • Glue
  • Eye Dropper
  • Stick
  • Cotton balls
  • Twine ( we used twisted rope found from our beach clean up work)

Cloud art kids craft supplies 

Step 1:

Set up a couple of jars with different water colors. Can always choose the intensity of the color you want by adding couple more drops. Place the eye dropper close by and have child practice using it.

 Cloud art craft helps with motor skills

Step 2:

Bring out the cotton balls and glue. Start to glue the cotton balls to the mat board. Have child take the eye dropper, select a color and ask them to color each of the cotton balls, drop by drop. Definitely a great fine motor skills activity. 

 Cloud art soak in the water color magic

Step 3:

Set aside the board with the cotton balls and begin to paint your stick. Remember to add a couple of coats, that helps for the color to be brighter. Use temperas or acrylics, either one is fine. 

A rainbow cloud  

Step 4:

Cut out the cloud form, punch a hole through the top and run twine through it and tie it to the colorful branch. 

 Cloud art magic

It's the perfect cloud to hang on your door.




  • Tell me about your cloud. What makes it so special?
  • I can't wait for it to rain and have a look at the clouds.
  • What colors did you use? Can you find these same colors in nature?


Please tag me in your creations on Instagram and FB and use the hashtag #EXPLORERARTLAB to spread the word. We hope you enjoy this activity and thank you for being part of our community to grow "Everyday Creative Explorers". 

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