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Welcome to the Creative Village

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Hi! Bienvenido! I'm happy you are here. I'm a National Geographic Certified Educator, mom to a kid explorer, and creative at the intersection of art and environmental education.

I'm a big believer in art for all ages and the creator of this space.

I live in South FL with my husband, son and Flea (our scruffy little rescue dog). We put down some roots in the sunshine state and love our tropical cabin lifestyle. Sunday mornings are spent under the shade of our coconut trees.

Navigating the curious world of a young learner is never easy, learning is either confined to a screen or inside a classroom. I envisioned something different for my son, using the power of science, exploration, education and art.  

I started this space to help empower learners of all types to become citizen scientists and explorers. Here, we use art as a language of exploration and learn to care for the environment. 

I've created a space, where art meets science, and learners of all abilities build, tinker, and craft with a purpose.

When I teach my goal is for all kids to have fun, experiment, feel courageous, and learn. We use basic art supplies — from paint, upcycled paper, found objects and glue to household finds like cardboard boxes, newspaper and fabric scraps. 

I like to volunteer on environmental projects close to home and enjoy being outdoors. Supporting my favorite local non-profits is important and a big reason why I dedicate a special workshop for donation. I'm part of a community of innovative educators raising the next generation of environmental leaders. 

I’m honored that you’ve stopped by! I invite you to follow along by signing up for our newsletter, here!

Fish Art Project

Some fun facts about me: 

1. I love all things creative - making, crafting and design.

2. I've helped purpose driven organizations in the area of marketing and brand strategy for over a decade. Yet, early on in my career I started out as an informal educator in ESL programming, adult literacy, and did some K - 12 teaching abroad.

3. I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to create positive action for our oceans. 

4. New York City was home for a couple of years until 2019. Happily moved down south - to be closer to family, the beaches and the year around (Florida) sunshine. 

5. I’m fluent in four languages and grew up in two worlds... immersed in the beautiful tropical spirit of Colombia and the diversity of Miami.  I've also called five different cities my home and speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguêse.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm happy to connect on insta here or contact me here

With love + thanks!


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