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Origins: The Outdoor Art Lab Journey

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Hi! Bienvenido! I'm happy you are here. I'm a National Geographic Certified Educator, mom to a kid explorer, and creative at the intersection of art and environmental education.

Lele Art Lab started with my life as parent. It was observing the creative and colorful outcomes from my everyday life, immersed in child like imagination and watching my son's curiosity grow. Rooted in exploring the environment and finding out ways that would encourage that spark in him and other young minds. 

Navigating the world of young learners is never straightforward; education often happens on a screen or behind four walls. I envisioned something different—a studio, more akin to a lab—where science meant to come alive, art was the tool and making engaged the mind. Here, we go beyond to advocate for and raise awareness about the environment. A greener planet and cleaner ocean is our purpose.

The starting point: a push powered, earth - friendly art cart. Yes, made from scratch and all sustainable parts. Once designer and built it brought upon infinite possibilities and here we are. 

The focus: art as a language of exploration. The result, a space where science learning transforms into environmental action. A unique way to have art meet science - and where learners of all abilities get to build, tinker, and explore with a purpose.

Lele Art Lab


We utilize simple tools: upcycled parts, found objects, and everyday items like cardboard boxes, newspaper, and fabric scraps to convey narratives that promote environmental stewardship and community well-being.

I enjoy volunteering for local environmental projects and often take the opportunity to be outdoors. 

Fish Art Project

Some fun facts about me: 

1. I love all things creative - making, crafting and design.

2. For over a decade, my focus has been on supporting purpose-driven organizations with their marketing and brand strategy needs. However, my career began in the field of informal education, where I specialized in ESL programming, adult literacy, and work in the non profit space. 

3. I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to create positive action for our oceans. 

4. New York City was home for a couple of years until 2019. Happily moved down south - to be closer to family, the beaches and the year around (Florida) sunshine. 

5. I’m fluent in four languages and grew up in two worlds... immersed in the beautiful tropical spirit of Colombia and the diversity of Miami.  I've also called five different cities my home and speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguêse.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm happy to connect on insta here or contact me here

With love + grazie!


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