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Artisan Made Goods - Our Story

Posted by LeLe Sims on

The "Magical Tiendita" was born in 2017, on a road trip into the small villages of the Western Andes of Colombia. A creative from New York City looking for a fresh start and a human rights lawyer teamed up for an impact driven-project. To reshape the marketplace for artisan families and create a space for goods that are beautiful because of the people who make them. 

 Andes Mountains, Pueblo Rico

Meeting with Tribal Council

The first year, we joined the New York City Fair Trade Coalition, became part of a growing group of social ventures working out of the Impact Hub and participated in various pop-up markets.

 LB + Fe Designs @ Pop Up Brooklyn 2018Brooklyn Children Museum Pop uP Market 

Our artisan collaborators grew from one family to three, we were commissioned designs for a private label and happily took a break to allow change to happen. 

Became a Mom to this little New Yorker 

 Litttle Sim

Today, our work evolved since and life as a new mom encouraged me to expand the artistic scope of this project. The next step was, opening a home art studio to nurture the creative spirit of young explorers and a place to share beautiful handmade objects that tell a story.

Thank you for sticking around as we share the exceptional stories and beauty of the unique cultures we encountered from the start of our journey. If you are new here, welcome. We are small but create meaningful work. 

 We believe in artisan culture, and we keep it alive.

Necklace As Hair Crown

We provide opportunities for artisan families from the Emberá Chami community, with fairly paid and flexible work from home. We offer beautiful accessories, that evoke a sense of discovery, rooted in the richness of shared cultures and connections. We hope to give you a look into the lives of our skilled artisans partners.

Artisan Workshop

Master Weaver 

 "The Emberá community belief that women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. The larger the adornment the greater their role in the community."


Artisan Family Risaralda


Our Ethical Production

  • Celebrates traditional hand-crafted textiles and collaborate with skilled artisans in rural Colombia.
  • Small batch production or made-to-order.
  • Designed with inclusivity and adaptability in mind, using local materials.
  • Values the people, places and processes behind each piece.

Pueblo Rico, Colombia

Follow our journey on insta @lelebombe

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