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"Life Below Water" Photography Block Play

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Our photography block play activity is designed to inspire the minds of young children and future oceanographers. This activity is a sure way to start engaging kids in photographic storytelling. The places, people, nature and colors captured in each of these photographs are a valuable instructional tool in your creative learning time. 

Enjoy this fun, open-ended block play prompt and remember there is no right or wrong way to build. Place blocks together randomly or in patterns. Identify colors, talk about the ocean or build an underwater castle.

Photography Block Play

photo credit: photographers @pixaby


Photography Block Play Coral Fish

Photography Block Play Coral Fish Yellow and Organe

Photography Block Play Sea Life

Photography Block Play Jelly Fish

Photography Block Play Coral Reef Environment


Extended Play

Visit your local library and check out books that feature different types of marine environments from all over the world. Looking to extend this activity? Check out other activities themed on the ocean at world ocean day resources. 

Activity inspired by National Geographic's Storytelling for Impact course.

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