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Monstera Leaf Printing

Posted by LeLe Sims on

I was gifted a beautiful full grown monstera. Loved it from the second I saw it! I found the perfect spot for it, put it in a different pot and trimmed a leaf gone bad. I was inspired by this mustard colored leaf and set it aside for a fun leaf printing activity.

A big part of the art activities I put together, are meant to help kids connect with nature in wonderful ways. Leaf printing is just one of them. It lets you observe nature, see the tiniest details on the leaf and discuss the lifecycle of the plant.

Best part, you can always turn to your house plants for some inspiration and material. After a quick trim, use the leaves and stems you just cut and start your own leaf printing project. The bigger the leaves the better they are. See for yourself.

Monstera Leaf Printing 

Fun Leaf Craft with Houseplants

Time: 10 minutes Ages: Toddlers + Difficulty: Easy 

Supply List

  • Selection of leaves - trimmings from a household plants or from a nature walk
  • White card or paper - large enough for leaf to fit onto
  • Tempera Paints & White Acrylic
  • Paintbrushes *Paint roller a plus, my little one likes to hold it and watch it go

Sensory Leaf Painting

Step 1: Paint with Bright Bold Colors

Set up the area with a large set of paintbrushes, a paint roller if you have one and some paint. You can paint them in a block of one color or overlay the colors for some neat patterns. Looking what paint to use: We used tempera paint and mixed it with a white acrylic, it provides a thicker coating.

Step 2: Paint Along the Underside of the Leaf

Press your painted leaf down onto your sheet of paper. Using a sheet bigger than the leaf helps to move the leaf around. Have your little one roll their fingers over the lead and slightly to press it down well enough, so that more of the paint will transfer to the paper.

Step 3: Be Amazed 

Carefully lift off the leaf to reveal a beautiful print. Rich in color with the greatest of details. Even the stem shows up. The little one's enjoy peeling the left off. 


A beautiful example of monstera leaf print

My 2.5 year old son loved this activity. It was the right amount of messy and educational. We observed the glossy paint roll off the stem and talked about the odd-looking, perforated leaves. We ended up layering the leaf with different colors and got creative with the paper sizes. It's an easy set up and one that your little one will love.


Leaf Print Art 

 A neat print out of the monstera leaf, perfect for my studio!


In this activity, kids learn how to:

  • Engage in caring for plants, see the difference between green leaves and yellow ones.
  • Help them get excited on learning about the environment.

Please tag me in your creations on Instagram and FB and use the hashtag #EXPLORERARTLAB to spread the word. We hope you enjoy this activity and thank you for being part of our community to grow "Everyday Creative Explorers". 

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