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Texture Prints

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Learning to add texture to art adds a whole new dimension to artwork. Trust me, we tried it. This project proved for fun discovery art mode. We started with questions:

  • What happens when you paint over the textured surface?
  • What about we cover our board with a collage of recycled materials?

When we applied netted fabric to our board, it turned out to be a fun sensory, textured experiment. Give it a try!

Textured Art 

 Textured art activity

Time: 10 minutes Ages: Toddlers + Difficulty: Easy 

Supply List

  • Large Paper Board or card board A3 size
  • Paint (Temperas)
  • Glue
  • Container to mix paint
  • Loose parts (We used recycled grocery fruit nets)
  • Paint brush


Step 1:

Start with explore as the lines, bumps and feel of the different materials you will use. Take your board and apply the net. Watch how paint took to the textured parts differently.

Step 2:

Paint along the top or right inside the grooves. Use a paint brush lightly over the surface to only paint the material on top.

 Textured Art Project for Kids


  • Tell me about the different colors you used?
  • Do you think we can use this net for something else?
  • What will you name your art project?

Please tag me in your creations on Instagram and FB and use the hashtag #EXPLORERARTLAB to spread the word. We hope you enjoy this activity and thank you for being part of our community to grow "Everyday Creative Explorers". 

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