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Sculpture Art

Posted by LeLe Sims on

Clay working is such an incredibly fun art experience for kids. Plus, the end product is always a cool sculpture piece for your living room.

Here is a very simple activity that can be done with just a few supplies and fit for the attention span of any preschooler. Also the perfect activity to help kids develop fine motor skills, finger strength, and creative expression.

 Kid art project with modeling clay

Sculpture Art Project

Time: 20 minutes Ages: Toddlers + Difficulty: Easy 

Supply List

  • Modeling Clay Dough

  • Styrofoam (save those from delivery packages)

  • Tempera Paints + Brown Paper Bag

  • Paintbrushes

  • Wooden Skewers


sculpture for children | sculpture ideas for kids

Step 1: Prepping board with some paint

Set up the area with couple paint brushes, block of styrofoam, wooden skewers, modeling clay and paint. Paint the styrofoam board while discussing project. We used tempera paint, just enough to get our inspiration going.


sculpture for children | sculpture ideas for kids

sculpture for kids | building sculptures for kids

Step 2: Squish, squeeze, shape, and sculpt inspired by imagination!

Select a couple of wooden skewers, have child pick one and carefully place onto the styrofoam. They love the feeling of the pointy end moving through the board. All set for the fun to begin. 

 art for kids with modeling clay

Step 3: Sculpture Art

My almost three year old son was totally wrapped into this activity. He loved punching the holes, rolling the clay and the mushy feeling of clay between his hands. Placing the wooden skewers onto the foam board helps for stability and gets them to work vertically. Offering a new perspective.

 sculpture for kids | building sculptures for kids

Watch them play and grow their imagination.

 sculpture for kids


In this activity, kids learn how to:

  • Develop fine motor skills, color recognition and creative expression.
  • Shape clay into different shapes and if they need a little nudge, explain how vines naturally grow on tress. This will get them to naturally work upwards.  sculpture for kids | building sculptures for kids

These are the coolest art sculptures!

sculpture for kids | building sculptures for kids

Please tag me in your creations on Instagram and FB and use the hashtag #EXPLORERARTLAB to spread the word. We hope you enjoy this activity and thank you for being part of our community to grow "Everyday Creative Explorers". 

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