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Benefits of Artful Expression

Posted by LeLe Sims on

When a lot of hands-on exploration happen in the early years it allows children to flourish into lifelong creative thinkers. When a child is allowed to assemble materials and colors freely it is a clear invite to explore and discover.

Process art allows for that exploration to happen. For this reason, I am a strong believer that PROCESS ART is one of the best ways to cultivate creativity and exploration for our little ones.

Read below to learn more and understand the benefits of artful expression.  


 Tiedye kid art

Process art is about the method behind the creation and allowing your child to explore, discover and experiment with art in an open-ended, unstructured way. Enjoying the journey of making something rather than focusing on the outcome.

Sea sponge kid art


According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) mentions Process Art has a number of benefits, here are just a few:

  • Nurtures social and emotional health
  • Helps to build such cognitive skills as comparison, prediction, planning and problem-solving
  • This form of art encourages the development of fine motor skills
  • Builds the skills of verbal expression and language

Each process art project I share here on my blog, are from my  Art & Exploration Lab Class. It is kid-made (and kid-approved!) Little bodies have left smiling and their families proud of their creation. Thank you for stopping by!

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