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Purposeful Partners

Our goal is to bring our program to places and spaces where they need it the most. At no cost to them. Lab students become alumni, apprentices and talent we invite back. For that we need your support. 

Become part of our purposeful partnerships, today.Purposeful Partners

  • Our programming teaches ocean conservation through environmental art, exploration, creative investigating and making. 
  • Learners of all abilities, identify a real-world problem, explore it and develop potential solutions.  
  • We’ve taken over 200 students on an exciting learning journey. Our curriculum integration is simple and seamless. Accessible and always sustainable. Besides, we simply pull up and set up. No fancy lab equipment, or integrating apps.

As a result, students show up as explorers, makers and doers - who transform science knowledge into environmental action.

The creative arts along with science are a vital tool to learn about issues impacting our environment, connect more deeply with nature, and bring communities together. Together, we can make a difference. 

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Where science knowledge turns into environmental action.