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Art Show June 3rd. Teen ARtists for Oceans. Join Us!

Youth Artists

Making Waves Through the Arts

Teen Artist Program

Sea the Reef provides an innovative space for teens to connect, create, and communicate for our ocean. Our program works at the intersection of ocean science and arts education.

Marine Lab Field Excursion

The artistic process is a means to investigate knowledge and feelings about environmental issues. It is our responsibility to uplift and support the young leaders who work to build innovative solutions for the care of our blue planet. 

Student Art Exhibitions

We provide underserved teens the with the opportunity to live out the message of ocean conservation on the field as explorers & environmental artists.

Environmental Art Workshops

Imagination and creativity become powerful tools to envision, advocate, and enact positive change.

Artists Statements

Creative arts are a vital tool to learn about issues impacting our environment, connect more deeply with nature, and bring communities together to care for our deep blue seas. 

Phil Foster Snorkel Field Trip

Amplifying Youth Voices

Sea the Reef at Deerfield City Teen Center serves as our first pilot program site.